For more than decade, together with our partners on the both continents , we co create and distribute unique products.

About Us

It all began in 2010...

It all began in 2010 when Thomas Gajewski, factory manager NB VELUX Poland, noticed that the rapidly growing market in Europe has been blocked due to lack of connections with the profesional manufacturers. The main idea emerged after a meeting with one buyer, lamented the lack of attractive and well design products tailored to new upcoming trends.He complained conservative approach of local producers, the lack of customizable sales and 5P analized with customers.

"It should be much easier, to join the European clients with high-quality production base," he thought. He did not realize then, but that time this small simple spark influend altter on performance in the cosmetics industry, as well next years the same pattern was shown in electronic  business. Currently our team consists of large group experienced top managers , acting on a broad European market, cooperating with many different industries.



It is said that the words "philosophy" were first used by Pythagoras.

It is said that the words "philosophy" were first used by Pythagoras. And that Pythagoras was not only a philosopher but a mathematician, the philosophy of our own work on every brand or product we define the following:

  • Customers can always count on our ingenuity and creativity
  • we share our many years of experience
  • we want our Iservis ideas realy make a difference in the market

We started in 2000 when the EU was a true training ground for the emerging and rapidly changing Asian backdrop. Many of us were wiping the trails In international corporations, to play curently key role in our structure Connectuum - provide the highest level of co-creation And handling with greater flexibility And speed of operation. There are award winners among us And recognized sales and distribution managers throughout the EU.

Key values